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Le domaine

A historical wine from the château, reflecting our terroir.

Xth century

Le Castellas

The old Château d'Aumelas was built by the Viscounts of Béziers. For over a thousand years, this medieval fortress has overlooked the plain from the top of a rocky outcrop. The castle is strategically located for its panoramic views, but is difficult to access. That's why a sheepfold has been built on the hillside a mile away from the castle.

XVIth century

The birth of Château Bas d’Aumelas

The old castle was destroyed during the Wars of Religion. Sieur Bonnet, who owned the property at the time, chose to settle in the sheepfold. The land was then used mainly for pastoral activity, but vines were also cultivated. The lord of Château Bas made a number of changes, to turn the building into a charming castle with two round towers and outbuildings.

XVIIIth century

A family estate

The D'Albenas family became the owners of Château Bas d'Aumelas. It is a renowned Languedoc family, whose coat of arms features two wings and who chose as their motto: "A bon aile, bon vent" ("Good wing, good wind").
Château Bas d'Aumelas then became a wine estate.

Le chai de Château Bas d'Aumelas

The innovator

Philippe D'Albenas, the grandfather of the current owners, was the first winegrower in the Hérault who decided to replace the traditional barrels with concrete vats in the winery.

Philippe d'Albenas

The end of an era

Following the crisis of overproduction in the XXth century, a grubbing-up premium was granted to winegrowers. Like many of them in the Hérault region, Philippe D’Albenas chose this option and decided to uproot the 25 hectares of Château Bas d'Aumelas vineyard.

Etiquette de vin de 2002

The rebirth

Jean-Philippe and Geoffroy D'Albenas decided to resume the château's winegrowing activity. Jean-Philippe obtained his certificate as a farm manager. Geoffroy gave up his job as wine merchant at Caves Notre Dame to devote himself to the new family project. From the moment the first vine was planted, they decided to cultivate their newly-born vineyard using organic farming methods.

Façade du château

The creation of a reception venue

A year of investment and transformation for the Château. Geoffroy D'Albenas decided to bring this old building back to life and turn it into one of the leading reception venues in the region. He undertook major work to reveal the Château's bucolic charm.

Trois bouteilles de Barathym

Development of the wine range

The wine range has expanded with the launch of Barathym wines. Available in red, white and rosé, these gourmet wines are made from selected vines grown around Château Bas d'Aumelas. The  D'Albenas vineyards are expanding to offer wines with typical characteristics from the heart of the Hérault garrigue. Selection of surrounding plots of Château Bas.



In line with their philosophy of preserving the environment, the D'Albenas brothers have set up a partnership with a neighbouring shepherd. Every winter, the sheep graze in the vineyards. They limit weed growth by eating the grass between the vines and also provide the soil with natural fertiliser.

Une des ruches Beecolor de Château Bas


Château Bas d'Aumelas is developing its partnerships with the installation of 200 beehives around the estate's vineyards. Bees play their role as pollinating insects, helping to maintain biodiversity in the environment.

Une table dressée dans le jardin à la française.

Wine tourism

Jean-Philippe and Geoffroy D'Albenas have set up a wine tourism activity in order to introduce visitors to the winegrowing profession and share their values. Today, it's possible to visit the vineyards, discover the winery, taste the wines and finish this convivial experience with a delicious picnic in the Château's  french-style garden.

Les participants aux vendanges gourmandes

The « vendanges gourmandes »

Discover, share and exchange. A convivial day where young and old alike can discover the winegrower's craft from the vines to the winery. The day ends with a meal in the french-style garden. A great way to get away, that’s become a must in the area.

Discover our wine cellar

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