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Le domaine

We cultivate 22 hectares of vines in the commune of Aumelas using organic methods. To produce exceptional wines, we pay particular attention to our work in the vineyard. Preserving our terroir is the key to making wines with a unique personality.

A high altitude terroir

The Château Bas d'Aumelas vineyard lies 300 metres above sea level on the causse d'Aumelas. Known as the highest terroir in the Grès de Montpellier AOC, it gives the wines a constant freshness that balances the richness of the southern climate. In Languedoc, the term « grès » (sandstone) is used to describe a stony ground. Our soil is made up of clay and limestone, which gives the wines their fine acidity. Since 2002, we have replanted 22 hectares of vines, the same surface area that was uprooted by our grandfather in the 1970s.

Certified organic

Since replanting our vines in 2002, we have chosen to use organic farming methods. We pay particular attention to the quality of our vines. No weedkillers, pesticides or insecticides have ever been used on our vines. The vineyard has been certified by Ecocert since 2006.

Work that goes beyond the label

Our working philosophy is based on long-term thinking. It is necessary to preserve the fauna and flora and the organic and physical balance of the soil in order to ensure the long-term survival of the crop. That's why we prefer to work our vines by hand to avoid the soil being compacted by machinery. We have divided our vines into several small plots surrounded by garrigue so that they can benefit from the surrounding biodiversity.

Ecological partnerships

For several winters now, a local shepherd has been bringing in his flock of sheep to practise eco-grazing. Like natural lawnmowers, they eat the weeds in the vines. In return, they provide the soil with a natural fertiliser. A local beekeeper has installed 200 beehives around the vineyard to help maintain biodiversity in our environment.

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